15 Nov, 2019

Ceiling lights for the dining room : 6 exceptional designs for your home

01/7Ceiling lights for the dining room : 6 exceptional ideas for your home

Your dining is probably the common place for gathering with your family for meals and hosting your closest pals. For a place that is full of memories and enjoyment, it is only fitting that you decorate and beautify it. Ceiling lights are a commonality in living rooms and are slowly entering the bedroom so adding yet another one to you dining would literally complete the picture. A ceiling light in every room can also create a connecting theme in your house and would also eliminate the need to choose different options. Here are 5 ceiling lights ideas that would be perfect for your dining space.

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02/7​Ceiling light as an accent

To bring about change in your dining room that follows a singular theme, a ceiling light would be the perfect distraction. Adding a ceiling light is also the easiest way to dress up your simple dining room and even make it more ornate and luxurious.

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03/7​Ceiling lights for the purpose of lighting

For a dining room that needs more lighting, adding beautiful ceiling lights would perform dual function of beautifying and lighting up the room. Be it a chandelier or individual hanging lamps, using ceiling lights in the dining room instead of the regular tube-light or bulbs is a sound decision in terms of decor and design.

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04/7​Use the ceiling light as a decor piece

If you dining room only features furniture and other necessary appliances, a ceiling light would be the perfect addition as a decor item. Accessories are a must to add character to any room and in this case, the ceiling light design you choose would be the perfect functional and aesthetic item in the room.

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05/7​Glass ceiling lights

If your dining room gets ample light during the day, adding ceiling lights may seem like unlikely. Use your design prowess in this situation and go for something that looks beautiful regardless of being used as a light source.

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06/7Introduce warm lighting

For a place where you share meals with your family, warm lighting will add even more cosyness to the place. Ceiling light that emanates diffused lighting would be a great pick to create this vibe. To simplify your choice, pick a colour or a finish that matches with the wall paint so that the lighting pairs well with the decor.

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07/7​Metallic ceiling light

For a simple yet a noticeable statement, go for a ceiling light that is made out of a contrasting material-like wood paired with steel or a marble look paired with crystals. The same can be done with colours as well.