Grooming for Success: From cleaning & cutting to ownership

Grooming for Success:  From cleaning & cutting to ownership

Dominic Dukru and Khrolou Tsuzuh

Dominic Dukru and Khrolou Tsuzuh now proudly runs Dukru’s Salon & Academy

Ketholeno Neihu
Dimapur | March 31

Almost as if fate was ‘etched on stone,’ Dominic Dukru and Khrolou Tsuzuh opened their very own salon and academy after working more than 13 years outside the state.

Dukru’s Salon & Academy was formally launched few days back in Dimapur.

However, their humble venture was groomed over a decade and involved years of juggling various jobs.

Looking back, Dominic recalled his first employment as a housekeeper in a salon in Goa with meager salary.

Yet, it was reason he came to a city: “Looking for a job.”

“I could not pursue education after matriculation and had family issues at that time, I was young and had no option,” Dominic told The Morung Express during a tête-à-tête at the salon, he now co-owns with his cousin and childhood friend Khrolou

The duo had been working together at a salon in Goa since 2010.

Choosing Dimapur
On January 10 this year, Dominic landed in Dimapur and as if fate intervened, he found the right place to set up the salon the very next day.

However, it was not an offer on the platter. “We had been mentally and financially preparing ourselves for the last two to three years and although choosing Dimapur, we didn’t know anything much about the place,” the proprietor said.

He proudly declared that it was the outcome of their savings made during the last many years juggling from part-time to regular jobs and taking diplomas.

Dream Experience
The duo’s meeting in Goa was coincidental. Khrolou was initially trained as a beautician around 2007 in Kohima and landed in Goa the next year and Dominic was already working there but had not made substantial progress, job-wise.

Once his fascination to become a hair stylist and dresser was incepted, Dominic decided to learn the basics of pedicure.

Then doing part-time, he consistently upgraded by attending master classes where he gathered knowledge on hairdressing and chemicals, cutting, dyeing, make-up and up-styling to participating and becoming finalists of Indian hairdressing award twice.

By 2016, he had undertaken many diploma and master courses rising his confidence as well as profile.

The latest was in 2018 was when he went to Switzerland with L’Oreal to attend a master class from a French hairstylist. Along the way, he had been a stylist for mega top events like Filmfare awards, fashion shows, among others.

“Hairstylist and hairdressers are paid well and is a more reputed job in the beauty industry,” he said adding, the smile and satisfaction of clients are what keeps his passion alive.

From previous experiences, Dominic also noted that although many women in Nagaland have been given free government sponsored training, many of them struggle to get proper or good placements in the cities or hardly in reputed salons.

Risky venture
The present venture, inspite of their experience and exposure outside the state, is challenging and risky.

But the duo is taking it as another journey to embark at their home state and “to gather clients and explore the beauty business here.”

The academy, which solely limits seats to four persons per batch, Dominic says it is more important to give quality training than not.

The salon, located opposite Reliance Petrol Pump, near City Clock Tower, is open for customer from 10-6:00 pm in the evening and one can indulge in soothing spas and also get the benefit of massages due to the latest technical upkeep at the salon.